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Misc November 2017 Update: Showers, Grey Water Plumbing and some Underbus Framing

2017 Spring Madness Part 2: SOLAR PANELS! Diving into Electronics

2017 Spring Madness Part 1: Shower Beginnings with Bloopers (Not completed, yet)

Summer Teaser 2017:  The crappy update that needs to be replaced with a real update

March 2017:  Covering the Wheel Wells.  Beginnings of Battery Box and Shower Enclosure

February 2017: A Premature Blog Post: Ceiling, and Insulation

January 2017:  Steel Door Construction: Replacement for my door replacement

December 2016: Insulation Chronicles 3/4: Oddball Insulation

November 2016:  More Insulation & Furring Strips

October Part 2/2: Metal Procurement

Honorable Mention: Google Sketchup, Metal Procurement

October 2016 Part 1/2 Wall insulation

September 2016 Part 4/4: Subflooring

September 2016 Part 3/4: Backup Reverse Camera, Trailer Hitch.

September 2016 Part 2/4: Bathroom Roof Vent, misc small fixes

September 2016 Part 1/4: Drivers side Window.

August 2016: Window Installs

July 2016: Roof Vent and More Window Skin

June 2016: Skinning the Bus

May 2016: Battery Box

May 2016: New Door and super brights.

April 2016: DC Electric Assembly and Radiator installation

March 2016: Floor Painting, “Truck Area” insulation/subfloor installation.

February 2016: DC Electric, subfloor removal, radiator removal

2015 Roof Painting

Early 2014 Painting




2014 Bellingham Trip

2015 Redwoods Trip

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“2014 Presentation”

“The moment” Transition from the dark ages