“The moment” Transition from the dark ages

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If you’ve been following along with the build, you may’ve got the impression that I wasn’t very impressed with my efforts prior to 2016.  I guess before I go into my moment I’m going to explain some history.

//RANT ALERT:  Summary my old job sucked, I was addicted to videogames

Up until late 2015, I worked a job selling Japanese food with a terrible company.    It had it’s perks, but my management treated me like garbage and I rarely worked less than 60 hours(with no overtime pay).  12 hour days were pretty standard, 14 hours were pretty common.  Weekend work happened often.  They gave me dozens of warnings, multiple final warnings, threatened to fire me routinely (yet never did) and said terrible things which would make me tear up and slowly degraded my self esteem.  I hated those A-holes.

So as a result I came home and would get drunk and play DOTA2 (terribly addictive videogame) for almost all my free time.  I wasn’t proud of myself but it was more or less how I kept myself going I guess.  This lifestyle continued for about two years.  In June 2015 I told myself that I will no longer play DOTA and that was the beginning of my new beginning.

Blessing in Disguise

Also in June 2015 I got my annual raise and a pitiful bonus which was  $10 a month from my old company.  Overall my pay increase was .0034% (including the bonus).  I’m not one to cry but I had watery eyes all day.  I went down to the bar with a co-worker and complained about how “F’ed” it all is.  One beer, two beer, three beers, and I went home to another few beers.  By the time it was time for me to sleep I had the courage to sent my boss my resignation email.  Despite my pitiful pay, I was pretty valued at my company and since I had no other work lined up I continued my employment there for two more months and left on pretty good terms.  By the time my work was over I was recruited for other work.  The pay wasn’t great but they treated me a LOT better:  they utilized my experience, ambition and  work ethic.  I was provided with an environment where I flourished.  Life got a lot better.



I remember the moment clearer than I remember yesterday.  It was around February and Nana and I were enjoying Mongolian Grill together for lunch.  We were talking about when I’m going to quit my job, what we’re going to do.  Travel, bus, yada yada yada.

Then she looks me in the eye and asks me “so what are we going to do with the bus”  and it all clicked.  WHAT AM I DOING WITH THE BUS?

I stopped playing videogames and there was definitely a void in my evenings, to the point where I’d go to work just to kill time because I didn’t know what to do with myself.  It never really  occured to me what I should be doing on the bus, I mean I knew I had to work on the bus but it was intimidating to actually work.  I was tired, had no experience and didn’t know what exactly I needed to do.  But I had to do something if I wanted to do all this crap I keep talking about.  I had to do something if I wanted to get away from this rat race.  The bus has been a symbol of my hopes and dreams to escape from the shackles of work.  If I actually want to figure out a way to be free, I need to jump through the hoops.  Talking and imagining will only get me so far.

At that moment I knew I had to do something, and the only thing that made sense to me was publicizing my work.  If I make my work public I would feel obliged to have some sort of progress to show.  I started by making a post on the wonderful forum of skoolie.net  From this point on I will start documenting the past 6 months worth of work.  Much of the copy pasta will come from my forum post at skoolie.net,  however I will try to make my postings with a little more confidence then I had in my skoolie posts.  Also I will probably go back and forth between past and present tense.

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