September 2016 Part 2/4: Bathroom Roof Vent, misc small fixes

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September was a month full of little projects.  A lot of which were based around the idea that I wouldn’t be able to do these after the fall rain began.  One thing I was putting off was a bathroom roof vent; originally I was planning to use an original schoolbus window and throw in some computer fans as a vent, but as my commitment to the project fortified I tried to reduce my half assing to full assing.  Yeah I made a bathroom roof vent.

Bathroom Roof Vent

I didn’t record much of my progress much but here we have two pix.



I may’ve never mentioned before but I put on some maxxair vent covers over all the vents.  I was a little turned off by the plastic, but it looks and feels very satisfactory.  Hopefully I don’t have to eat those words.

Double Door Flashing (water cover)

This one was bothering me a lot for awhile.  Everytime it rained the double door would leak water.  I finally got fed up with this and bought some 20-22 gauge steel gutter flashing (approximately $8).  I cut it up with some metal shears (jigg saw would’ve been fine) painted it and drilled it in with self taping #8 screws.


Turned out pretty good!

I also readjusted the inner door latching mechanism using some flat bar and an angle bracket cut to size.


Also good to note that the rubber gaskets you see in this picture here are fresh!  Very good quality parts purchased from Napa because everyone at O’reileys was picking each others butts (gross).


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