September 2016 Part 1/4: Drivers side Window.

Window Skinning+Window Install

I found myself anxious about my drivers side window so I replaced it with a nice big beautiful dual pane window. I put it in a little crooked so my bus could be unique, with this window in, all but 1 small window and all of the integrated door windows. have been replaced with new windows, all but one of which are dual pane (excluding the integrated rv window I put in the door).


Process pics.
I used one of my old ceiling panels, approximately 20 gauge. I traced the window BEFORE applying the sheeting, very good idea!








Here’s a picture very similar to another picture I posted last month, except with the new window in.


I confess I did a lot of half assing throughout this process. The pop rivets I used were often slightly shorter or longer than what they were rated for, I did not apply this on level ground, the metal looked warped before I welded the top section to the bus, my welds probably are terrible, but look good enough to my untrained eyes (I chose quantity over quality). I have yet to take her out for a drive to see how bad she’ll oil can, but visually it turned out pretty well!

I was going to put on bright reverse lights in the back, but got lazy and just took out the rear flashers. Visually I haven’t gotten used to this look yet.


I sprayed on some rustoleum brown primer via spray paint can and realized I was pissing my money away. I then got myself a paint sprayer from harbor freight and had a lot of fun with it, I mixed in some Germanic insulation beads and went to town. On the third layer the gun was starting to clog (probably from the insulation beads). I did a poor job on the third layer but that’s okay.

The closer I get to the insulation project the more small things I realize I need to get done beforehand, for the past three weeks I keep telling myself “I’ll get started on insulation next week” yet I still haven’t started. But that’s okay, the only real critic to my work and progress seems to be myself.

To wrap up my exterior project and move towards interior I been cleaning and remodeling of my garage/bus, this means I have a lot of wood to burn.



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