September 2016 Part 4/4: Subflooring

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So I completely forgot about my XPS insulation struggles, but basically I looked all over Washington for about 3 weeks for 1/2 Inch XPS extruded polystyrene insulation.   It was a huge struggle but I finally found it.  Why did it have to be 1/2inch XPS?  Well I didn’t raise the roof of my bus so vertical space is incredibly important.  I am expecting the bus to eventually leak and I have read that xps performs better when wet than polyiso.  Anyway yeah I threw a tantrum the first day when I learned that this is very hard to procure, anyway after about 3 weeks I finally found it.

I purchased this from


10418270 Segale Park Drive B, Tukwila, WA 98188.

Very happy with them!

Also worth noting. DO NOT BUY FROM R FACTOR IN TACOMA.  They are condescending A-holes who wasted 90 minutes of my time hours before I typically wake up.  If you want more details you can google them to see my review.  Anyway enough with my rambles.

Subfloor Insulation Install

I hope you guys don’t mind some copy pasta.

Some very satisfying progress has gone down in the past week.

I had a terrible day last Monday and took my bus for a “F it, I need to drive the bus” drive. It was incredibly satisfying. My welds holding the sheets to the bus frame made the drive a LOT quieter. The reverse camera is incredibly useful to use as a rearview mirror, A lot of the work I’ve put into the bus is starting to show as well. It did great things for my state of mind. After the drive I went ahead and leveled it (mostly) with various wood around. That was a lot easier than I thought, it took about as much time as I expected though. I put a big broken fan a little before where I wanted to park the front of the bus with a flashlight on it, once I knocked the flashlight off I parked the bus and voila!


To be later photo-documented: My wife went to town on exterior painting, and primed over all the rivets and sheets. It looks so nice, and the weather has been so warm I’m tempted to just paint them green later.

photo documented: The subflooring insulation is done!

Progress pix.


Subflooring consists of 1/2 xps foam board, a radiant barrier and 15/32 5-plywood. The radiant barrier might not be necessary, it may be. I did not put in any vapor barriers, and probably will not for the walls or ceiling either. I’ll get back to you on this decision.



I copied JakeC’s method of fastening the floor down, however I made it my own by lowering the overall quality of the build. You can read how he did it here.

I put in 4″ x 3.5″ squares beneath the wood and used locktite to glue it to the metal below. I includes the square in this photo as reference (to the right of the screws)


Then I ran 2×2’s along the edges to keep the flooring in check.


It is amazing how much this changes the feel of the bus. It has suddenly shifted from metal bus feel to homey flooring. I can even stand on floor barefoot now with a noticeably warmer feel. I rested the shower pan inside and suddenly everything is getting very real. This is great for my morale, I look forward to some more visual progression over the coming weeks. I may’ve even found a helper to help me do busy work. Everything is good guys, I hope to share another satisfying update next week!

Also worth noting: I took a 5 hour MIG welding class at the hazard center in Seattle today. It got me feeling okay about my welds. Between this and my dislike for imperfect fragile wood, I’m very excited to proceed with metal framing after insulating. I also got a security system for my house which I look forward to installing for general tool assurance. Later this month I plan to catalog all my tools (aka take pictures of their serials) to give them a little extra protection.

As always thank you for following and all your support! Your opinions and input are always appreciated.

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