Misc November 2017 Update: Showers, Grey Water Plumbing and some Underbus Framing

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Hello my eager readers!

Introductory Formalities

Life has been busy!  I helped open a restaurant and then the guy who I helped jumped ship, so I guess now I’m in charge of Tentenyu Ramen in Seattle.  For now at least.

So this is where we left off.

I was getting restless working so much so I wanted to provide myself some immediate gratification.  So I did some rough draft framing.

This really helped moralle.  Now I have a visual feel of where the bed and sink will go, as well as how it will feel.  (I took the bed apart about a week after this).

Painted the Drivers Side Door

Pretty painted door, nice!

Temporary Revival of the old door, while the paint dries.

Locking up the bus with screws and wood.

The Shower

After 2 failed attempts, I finally got the FRP shower walls up to a semi satisfactory level.  Not perfect, but good enough..

Then I got the stern wall in.  (The shower fixtures at this point was a rough in to feel things out)  As you see in the back, I did my best to patch up any gaps in the wood which would create air pockets.  (this was kind of in vain..)


Here we have the starboard wall all clamped up and going in.  There is a 1/8~1/4″ gap for expansion for the frp panels.

Unfortunately it was not perfectly done…but it’s good enough.  The show must go on.

Selfie Break

For the exposed corners, I put in some inverse round rubber mouldings I found on Amazon.  I used 3m 3200 Marine adhesive sealant for this job, it takes 7 days to cure fully so I wanted to do a good job clamping.

There we’re all clamped up.  A close up on a few details.

I used liquid tight conduit scraps to help ensure good even pressure on the corners.  It mostly worked.

The mostly finished result

Water Tank Holders

I made a Water tank holder, it even has hinges on it.  It’s about 80% done.  Below is one of the only good pictures of it I have.

I spent a lot of time scratching my head about how to go about doing grey water tank, then I found a 55 gallon drum while RV researching for $8 and thought, well why not?

So I made a grey water tank holder.

Then I prepped it with POR15 prep, and painted it with POR15.  First time using POR15, pricey but I like it!

Here we have RV tiedown straps installed.  The brackets were a little challenging to find.

55 Gallon Dry fit, notice the propane tank in the bottom, gears are turning.

Then we install it below the bus.

Fastened with approximately 22×5/16″ stainless bolts.  (grey water tank was dry fitted at this point in time)

Skipping a step and presenting this picture of the tank strapped in here.

Grey Water Plumbing

So it took a week or two to muster up the courage to drill this hole.   Every once inawhile I can pull off the good ol “measure twice, cut once” technique.

Looks a little underwhelming in the picture hah!  This pipe will now be known as the “Sink drain Pipe”  It is where the bathroom and kitchen sink will drain.

Below we can see two pipes coming through, to the left is the sink drain pipe, to the right is the shower drain pipe.

The shower drain pipe (featured on the right in the picture above) crosses into the Port side frame (left side), and dips down as so.  I clamped it down with hose clamps and used some rubber to keep it snug and avoid chaffing.

Then it meets with the sink drain pipe here.  Take note of the exposed pipe opening.


That exposed pipe opening then feeds into the top of the grey water drum like so.

These connections here are a little questionable due to some shoddy craftsmanship on my part, but since the ABS cement cures very quickly, I decided to roll with it until I need to make changes.

And another picture for context.

Feels good man!

Bathroom Flooring

I wasn’t planning on using vinyl faux wood floors in the bathroom, but my wife and I agreed it looks really nice, it’s waterproof, and very sturdy, which is are nice characteristics to have in a bathroom floor.

Note the water tank holder, holding the fresh water tank, featured earlier in this post.  There’s also our compost toilet frame in the working too!

Propane Beginnings

I began working on this propane tank holder.

In preparation I drank a beer to loosen the nerves and proceeded to cut a hole in the bus.

Then I test fit/Drill a handful of pilot holes.

That’s all for now, to be continued!


Bonus Picture

I got a call at 9pm on my day off to do a sake tasting with some Japanese Food friends, so I invited them over and we had a sake tasting in the bus!

3 thoughts on “Misc November 2017 Update: Showers, Grey Water Plumbing and some Underbus Framing”

  1. Jodie December 4, 2017Reply

    It’s a boat…but a bus. 🙂 Its coming along great. You guys are going to have so much fun when it’s done!

    1. Tai December 4, 2017Reply

      Similarly to a boat, I pour much money into the hole in front of my house. Thank you for taking interest!

  2. 777-luck.com February 7, 2018Reply

    We just emptied the grey water into a bucket and disposed of it properly 1 bucket at a time rather than just spilling it all over the ground.

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