May 2016: New Door and super brights.

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The Door

So I built a new door out of 2×6’s and 2×3’s and FRP.  I copied this build from an RV forum, but made a few alterations.    Overall my door looks great from the outside, okay from the inside.  I didn’t really take many pictures.  But the following Picture more or less show’s how it was assembled.  I had this big RV window I got out of craigslist bundle, I just shoved it in there and put some screws through the sides into the wood.  It fit really well (almost perfectly) after I put in a 2×3 to fill some space.


I also glued&painted some FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) onto this before the window was installed.


The completed Door, I put some aluminum trim around the sides, it turned out okay.  But looks good!


I also used this door handle it works really nicely.

Lastly I also replaced my original flashers with these LED flashers.   Below is a lazy quote from my skoolie build thread.

This was pretty simple, I just replaced my front flashers with LED reverse lights I got online. Being the fool I am, I wired it to my stop sign switch with 10 gauge, which I believe is overkill, but that’s my style I guess. I twisted these together, did a horrible job soldering them, and stuck them in a wire nut. Needless to say, with my level of craftsmanship it’s definitely within my best interest to keep everything somewhat accessible in the future. This night I took my bus for one of the sketchier test drives around the block, It reminded me that I really need to bolt down my drivers seat sooner than later. I expected these flashers to be like SUPER BRIGHT HIGH BEAMS, but their effect on the road was pretty underwhelming. However they do provide good marginal lighting above 10 ft (like my neighbors second story windows), overall no complaints.


I can’t seem to find where I got these from, so I won’t post it.  If anyone here really wants to know then I will find out.

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