May 2016: Battery Box

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So I built a Batterybox.  Since I’m feeling lazy and I did a decent summary after I made it, I’m going to copy and paste the bulk of this below.

The Battery Box

Then I began working on my batterybox. Being a dumbass with a mediocre skillset this took me a really long time. I decided to make this box in the stairwell because I do not trust my welding skills to make a box that will hold 200lb of batteries, also I want to be able to access my flooded batteries easily. I did impulsively get a Lincoln AC225 stick Welder in hopes that I will be able to weld eventually, I have yet to test it yet, I need to wire it to a dryer plug first. Here are some steps below.
First I added small hinges to use as steps, I had this intense grand plan to use these hinges as part of a big fold down step, but after I got waist deep in this plan/headache related to it, I ended up deciding to just stick with the these hinges as steps – on that note, I have about 12 pullies to return to home depot . These are secured below to a thick piece of metal about 26 inches wide and 3/8 thick, I am not an engineer but this made sense to me.


I’ve seen the really good skoolie craftsmen remove this rubber, and then take out the rust, and then recoat it and make it look really nice. I will let you know if I regret not doing that. Good to note, there’s a vent opening on the right side, and a computer fan on the left side. Here’s what a computer fan loooks like, incase anyone’s interested.


1/2 inch insulation down


3/4 ply down


Skipped a few steps, but basically I used bed frame, plywood, 2×2, 2×4 and assembled this box. I used some pirelli flooring and I also made two perpendicular bed frame supports later, I apparently did not snap a photo.


Instead of finishing this, I put a piece of plywood over it and decided progress is satisfactory for now. Funny story about that, last night I attached the door and I had to take this battery box apart to screw the door on the hinge, because I’m an idiot I didn’t verify I screwed through all the hinge holes before reassembling the battery box, then I didn’t verify that I screwed in all the screws all the way. so I took apart this battery box 2.5 times last night. I’m really really glad I didn’t do anything that couldn’t be undone.

It has been about 5 or 6 months since I made this box, I still haven’t completed the top for it, nor have I put batteries in it.  I did however move the fan at the suggestion of another user who suggested I have the fan PUSH fresh air in, rather than PULL fresh air out.  This reduces any risk of sparks igniting hydrogen gas.  It’s good to note that Hydrogen is lighter than air so it will float upward.  I’ve seen other builds where the vent is above the batteries,  I didn’t do this but I think it’s a safer/better way to vent the battery box.

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