July 2016: Roof Vent and More Window Skin

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Roof hatches

Copy Pasta

Front roof vent cleco’ed on.


I cut the whole with an abrasive cutoff wheel, if I could do it again I’d probably use a jigg saw.

The rear roof vent location was not ideal, so I tore it off and cut a new hole for the roof vent. Skinning the bus has taught me that holes in metal are no big deal.


I think cleco’d a patch on the old roof vent hole


For the newbies like myself, I will explain my simple procedure. Take this in with salt grain.
1. Measure twice. I measured 13 1/2″ x 13 3/4″
2. Saw open the hole (I used an angle grinder with 4.5 inch norton cutoff wheels)
3. Grind/file off jagged edges.
4. Testfit the roof vent, if it doesn’t fit make necessary adjustments.
5. Drill holes (I a tiny pilot bit followed by 3/16″)
5.a Cleco it on to conform to the curves of the roof in between.
6. Remove everything and clean the surfaces well. I invented a brilliant (possibly obvious) system yesterday for this: I mixed some water and pinesol into a cheap spray bottle, and used some microfiber cloth to wipe it up.
7. Patch the perimeter with butyl tape
8. Cleco again
9. Take pictures for skoolie.
10. Call it a day.

Aaand some views from the roof


I went through a brief phase where I thought my money would be safer stored in the form of storage trailers, as a result I have 2 trailers. I would have more if I had the space, probably a good thing I’m out of space. They are incredibly useful though for this project.

More Window Skin

So despite my intentions, some OCD kicked in and I ended up skinning the rest of the starboard side of the bus.



I also installed a navigator seat+swivel which I got from a lovely couple from Olympia.



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