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So I completely forgot about my XPS insulation struggles, but basically I looked all over Washington for about 3 weeks for 1/2 Inch XPS extruded polystyrene insulation.   It was a huge struggle but I finally found it.  Why did it have to be 1/2inch XPS?  Well I didn’t raise the roof of my bus..

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September was a month full of little projects.  A lot of which were based around the idea that I wouldn’t be able to do these after the fall rain began.  One thing I was putting off was a bathroom roof vent; originally I was planning to use an original schoolbus window and throw in some..

Window Skinning+Window Install I found myself anxious about my drivers side window so I replaced it with a nice big beautiful dual pane window. I put it in a little crooked so my bus could be unique, with this window in, all but 1 small window and all of the integrated door windows. have been..