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If you’ve been following along with the build, you may’ve got the impression that I wasn’t very impressed with my efforts prior to 2016.  I guess before I go into my moment I’m going to explain some history. //RANT ALERT:  Summary my old job sucked, I was addicted to videogames Up until late 2015, I..

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Late into 2014 Summer Nana (wife) and I painted the bus.  Nana is very good at painting and whenever it comes down to painting she is always enthusiastic and ready. A few things to note to any other ambitious converters out there. I intend to repaint this roof next year. If I would do anything..

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So the bus continued to smoke thick white smoke, unlike many rational people out there I decided it would be a lot of fun to take a week off work and take the bus down to the redwoods for my college buddies spring break.  I disregarded the smoke and packed the bus!  I did change..