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Introductory Formalities You may not care about my personal life, but let me tell you it’s been buuusy!  I left my prior employment and got myself a modest raise as well as two other part time jobs, I’ve been working for my money!   I took a short break between employment and returned with no..

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Introductory Formalities Well here we are again, another premature blogpost,.  But I feel monthly updates are necessary, even if the progress doesn’t feel satisfying to myself.  Also I’m really bored at work, and fear time itself will stop if I don’t find somethign to engage myself.  This past month I have been jumping between quite..

Introductory Formalities Much like every other month, this past month has been an eventful month full of slow but noticeable progress.  I have excuses to excuse my lack of progress but excuses don’t change the reality so we’ll carry on.   To my lack of surprise I was full of crap when I said the..

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December 2016 Was a total shitshow, my work was busier than ever, and coming home to work on the bus in freezing temperatures was pretty brutal.  I went ahead and got myself a timer outlet which will turn a space heater on an hour before I get home every day, this increased my daily productivity..

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As of today, all updates are current.  I will no longer date related categories and dates to these posts unless they are post-dated. Are there really going to be 4 parts to the Insulation Chronicles?   I have no idea but I don’t think there will be more than 4. Most recent picture Here’s a..

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How Much Metal? In the sketchup post I mentioned that I logged all the lengths needed in accordance to my build plan.  I calculated I’d need about 500-600feet total.  Assuming I will waste 20%  I then decided that I should probably buy 800 feet just to be safe.  However the price break I got at..

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I began insulating the walls in October, I was soo happy to begin this project. The Layers Here’s how it’s all gone down. I got the first layer of insulation in the bus. What you see here is a 1 inch of polyiso with a reflectix radiant barrier between the insulation and the outer metal…

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So I completely forgot about my XPS insulation struggles, but basically I looked all over Washington for about 3 weeks for 1/2 Inch XPS extruded polystyrene insulation.   It was a huge struggle but I finally found it.  Why did it have to be 1/2inch XPS?  Well I didn’t raise the roof of my bus..

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Hi all, March 4 Painting the bus had a not-so surprising amount of prerequisites I was putting off: namely cleaning entirely, and covering the man holes. I also covered the small bolt/screw/nail holes with some rubber flashing tape. (featured here:…ilpage_o02_s00) the pictures in the end will show these, they just look like electric tape..

  The first thing I did was buy a bright LED shop lamp so I can work when I get home at night.  This is by far the most important thing I have purchased for the bus, without this I could barely get any work done.  After this, I wasn’t sure what exactly I needed..