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Window Skinning+Window Install I found myself anxious about my drivers side window so I replaced it with a nice big beautiful dual pane window. I put it in a little crooked so my bus could be unique, with this window in, all but 1 small window and all of the integrated door windows. have been..

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Roof hatches Copy Pasta Front roof vent cleco’ed on. I cut the whole with an abrasive cutoff wheel, if I could do it again I’d probably use a jigg saw. The rear roof vent location was not ideal, so I tore it off and cut a new hole for the roof vent. Skinning the bus..

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Somewhere around this time the bus project started getting really fun.  It no longer felt like troublesome work, from this point on the bus project was pretty much all I could think about. Skinning the Bus Copy Pasta This past two weeks has been an emotional roller coaster, I had a few other pictures I..