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Introductory Formalities Over the past two months, I was so excited to make this post, but now that I am just beginning to make it, it seems soo troublesome!  So forgive me if I lack any vital details, and let me know if you have any questions! Finished Result First Battery Box:  Misc:   I..

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Introductory Formalities Well here we are again, another premature blogpost,.  But I feel monthly updates are necessary, even if the progress doesn’t feel satisfying to myself.  Also I’m really bored at work, and fear time itself will stop if I don’t find somethign to engage myself.  This past month I have been jumping between quite..

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So I built a Batterybox.  Since I’m feeling lazy and I did a decent summary after I made it, I’m going to copy and paste the bulk of this below. The Battery Box Then I began working on my batterybox. Being a dumbass with a mediocre skillset this took me a really long time. I..