2017 Spring Madness Part 1: Shower Beginnings with Bloopers (Not completed!!)

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Introductory Formalities

You may not care about my personal life, but let me tell you it’s been buuusy!  I left my prior employment and got myself a modest raise as well as two other part time jobs, I’ve been working for my money!   I took a short break between employment and returned with no intention to continue the shower project.  For the sake of documentation here’s what I did, but I’ll warn you it’s not done yet.

The Shower Project Beginnings

This project has taught me that I really don’t know what I’m doing, it’s best to go into this project with a plan, especially with something like a shower.  Below you’ll see what may happen if your plan is not well thought out.

That FRP looked great while it was up.\

But I changed my mind and tore it off.

This piece sucked to put up!  and then I changed my mind and tore it off as well.

I made a frame for my shower base.

My original plan was to put up a cement base for the shower to rest on.

I threw a bunch of weight over it to adhere the pan to the cement base.

Then two days later I tested the integrity of it.

It failed,  After looking at all these little chunks of cement, thinking about them bouncing with the vibrations of the bus, I decided that I did not want to risk destroying the shower pan from beneath it.

So I got rid of it all.  (notice the bucket on the right)

I re-adhered the shower pan to the ground and used various scrap insulation boarding below it to provide a little bit of additional support.  I feel much more comfortable with the end result.  Not that I’ve reached the end of this project yet.  But here we are.

To be continued much later.  I don’t know when heh..

Here I am the day after I left my old employment, battling one of the worst hangovers I’ve had since Chinese new year 2016.

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