2-17-17 Getting Side Track: The Work Bench

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Introduction: Finding Direction

This past weekend (Wed/Thurs), I was struggling to find direction on the bus.  I wanted to work on the shower, but I was facing a few bottlenecks, hindering me from getting my work done.  I want to level my bus just a little more, but the batteries are dead, I can’t find my charger and that process takes a few days.  It was rather wet.  Perhaps the most relevant excuse is that I’m nervous about making the shower enclosure.

Regardless of which, I have one rule for whenever I find myself stuck.

Clean my outdoor work space as well as the bus, after that reevaluate my situation.

After I did some cleaning, still feeling restless, I thought about a DIY work bench post I saw on reddit a few days ago.  “That seems straight forward enough”.  For those unfamiliar, my prior work bench was a piece of old plywood from when I removed the old flooring out of the bus, set on top of two wobbly saw horses I got off craigslist for $5.

Featured below, the old work bench was cheap and functional

The old bench was good, but I wanted something with a few more features.  Specifically, something which is more level with my welding table so I can have a consistent flat surface to weld on, stronger, and with more storage options.  I also recently obtained a pretty sweet bench vice for $15 from craigys and thought it would be cool to utilize this as well.

Initially, I was going to make a topper for the bench to rest on top of the saw horses, however when I got to home depot, they had TONS of carts full of discounted bad lumber.  More 2×4’s and 2×6’s than I could comprehend uses for.

Making the bench

I encourage you to view the reddit link referenced above for a more detailed build.  I wasn’t really thinking about documenting this so I didn’t take many pictures.  But I’m pretty bored at work so.. here I am rambling away.

The frame is composed of 2×6’s.  This was taken about 6 hours into the build to provide a general idea of how it was made.  Notice the plywood hinged open on the right hand side.

Another perspective, notice the hinged (and closed plywood on the back side)

The bottom side is misc plywood I pulled off some somewhat nice pallets a year or two ago.  I was too lazy to pull the nails out, so I ran them through my table saw and pieced them together/cut them to fit around the table.  I put little “shoes” on the bottom of the table, so when they start to rot (because I was too lazy to put a finish coat on it), I can flip the table over and replace the shoes.  It’s good to note, that I made this table with the intention to abandon it when I move into the bus, it doesn’t need to be perfect.  Just highly functional.

The (mostly) completed Table

Diagrammed for your reference


The cost of this project looks like so.

  1.  3/4 Plywood about $25
  2. 2×4’s and 2×6’s about $10
  3. Screws about $10
  4. Hinges about $8

Total Cost about $53, not bad.

Future Improvements

Since this project turned out better than I thought, in the future I’ll probably:

Reinforce the legs so it can be used by the next tenants.

Split up the back compartment door so it can open from the left or right hand side.

Sand down the table so it is easier to sweep.


And that’s how I used some of my weekend to improve my work space.


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