14 Months later.. The Ramblings of inbetween

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Okay, of the few people who read my blog I apologize to disappoint you with my absence, a lot has happened and I don’t even know where I want to start but I know where I want to go. So this post is going to be the ramblings I feel necessary to wrap up the story of my adventure. Despite how interesting I find myself and my story, between my subpar writing skills and website design skills, I think It’s best for me to make future posts targetted specifically for the big how to’s for 12v/120v Electrical, water and gas plumbing. Meanwhile I’m going to dump all my pictures I saved between then and now. If anyone requests me to add details or break down the process, I will gladly do so. But since I suspect noone visits this site, I’m going to do a C- job and just get this done.

We moved into the bus July 15th, 2018 A lot happened between my last post and then, I kept it reasonably up to date on my skoolie forum but I guess I just lost my will to keep this side updated. On March 1st, my landlord gave me a few months notice to move out by June (later negotiated to be July 15th), and for the first time in 10 years, I embraced a life of sobriety and decided to push myself and try and get the bus done while trying to keep our sinking restaurant afloat.

Long story short, it was rough, and close. I got the bus into a mostly livable state by the time we moved out on July 15th. I think we stayed a few extra days to clean the house but there were weeks with multiple 20 hour days being separated between 16 hour days. I don’t even think our water system was fully setup until July 10th or so. We finally tested it after we moved, and all but one of my connections were leak free.

On July 16th my wife and I tried to leave Seattle, but the bus didn’t start. I later learned that I had air in our gas lines. This took me about 20 hours to resolve but by July 18th we were on our way down to Vancouver! From there our life transitioned into 6 months of blissful travel, back to back vacations and plenty of relaxing. I was severed from my restaurant which was closed shortly after and my wife and I were able to crash out of our bus on some family land. In retrospect the money I put into the bus would’ve provided a better quality of life for us in a down payment for a house or an apartment, the skills I learned from it will stay with me until my brain deteriorates (knock on wood).

After all of these obstacles overcome, I feel more empowered and confident now then I ever have.

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    Hope you and nana are well.

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